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While We’re Waiting

While We’re Waiting explores the lives and behaviour of three friends as they endlessly wait for the return of a stranger who charged them with watching his belongings while he left for a moment.

This show's Content Warnings include:

Death/Dying (Mentioned), Homophobia (Present), Racism/Racial Slurs (Present), Sexism/Misogyny/Misandry (Present), Sexual Assault (Mentioned)

Please get in touch if you have any questions about our Content Warnings

PlaywrightLuke Berridge
Ciara Southwood as Marie
Josh Liew as Raymond
Vincent Klein as Scott
Serafina Coupe as Rosie
Flynn Burgess as Liam
Production Team
Director: Luke Berridge
Producer: Hannah McVicker
Lighting / Sound Designer: Charlie Travers
Set & Props: Dan Sinclair
Press & Publicity: Beth Ferry
Photographer: Austin Jones
Choreographer: Jess Scrimshire