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The Pillowman

A dystopian, totalitarian state. A writer of over four hundred stories is brought in for interrogation regarding his suspected involvement in the murder of two children, who were killed in near-identical fashion to those featured in his tales. As the mystery unravels, this dark comedy from Irish playwright Martin McDonagh offers a hilarious yet heart-breaking examination of the power of storytelling, companionship, and family.

This show's Content Warnings include:

Ableism (Present), Alcoholism (Present), Animal Cruelty (Mentioned), Blood (Present), Bones/Skeletons (Present), Car/Vehicle Accident (Present), Child Abuse (Present), Child Death (Present), Death/Dying (Present), Guns (Present), Hateful language directed at religious groups (e.g. Antisemitism) (Present), Head Injury/Concussion (Present), Life-Changing Injury (Present), Loud Noises (Present), Mental Illness (Present), Murder (Present), Mutilation (Present), Paedophilia (Mentioned), Physical Abuse (Present), Prison/Incarceration (Present), Racism/Racial Slurs (Present), Self-Harm (Mentioned), Sexual Assault (Mentioned), Smoking (Present), Strobe Lighting (Present), Strong Language (Present), Suicide (Present), Torture (Present), Violence (Present)

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PlaywrightMartin McDonagh
Date17/06/2022 - 19/06/2022
Luke McDonald as Katurian
Monica Yell as Tupolski
Ben Gunn as Ariel
Oscar Greaves as Michal
Charlotte Powell as Mother
Zac Horn as Father
Amy Warburton as Girl
Production Team
Director: Tommo McCarthy
Producer: Amber Medway
Stage Manager: Indy Percival
Lighting Designer: May Arline S
Sound Designer: Niamh Evans
Set & Props: Poppy Nunan
Puppet Designer: Jessie Taussig
Costume, Hair & Make-Up Designer: Grace Atkinson
Director of Photography: Lotty Farmer
Director of Videography: Camille Fang
Stunt Choreographer: Georgia Green