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That Face

Mia is 15 years old, at boarding school, with access to her mothers pills. After drugging a younger student, she is forced to face her family. Henry, her brother, has dropped out of school to look after his unstable, alcoholic mother – Martha. Martha, a shell of her former beauty, deteriorates as she destroys her sons life. When Hugh, Mia and Henry’s father, returns from Hong Kong to clean up Mia’s mess, we watching the family fall into even more chaos.

This show's Content Warnings include:

Abuse (Present), Child Abuse (Present), Classism (Present), fat phobia (present), Homophobia (Present), Incest (Present), Mental Illness (Present), Paedophillia (Present), Racism/Racial Slurs (Present), self-harm(mentioned), sexual assault (Present), Violence (Mentioned)

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PlaywrightPolly Stenham
Date28/10/2022 - 30/10/2022
Vincent Klein as Henry
Georgia Firth as Martha
Lucia Collado as Mia
Oscar Greaves as Hugh
Nadia Bartlett as Izzy
Lucy Eddington as Alice
Production Team
Director: Ruby Scott
Producer: Katie Rogers
Assistant Director / Intimacy Coordinator: Georgia Strange
Lighting Designer: Joe Doody
Sound Designer: May Arline S
Set Designers: George Robertson & Holly Hughes
Costume & Make-Up: Nat Hopkins
Photographer / Videograpger: Lotty Farmer
Stage Manager: Ally Green