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Loose Ends

If I told you your life ended tonight, what would you do? You’d probably wish you’d not bothered stressing about how ugly you looked this morning, or maybe you’d regret not telling your Mum you loved her before she left for work. But here’s the thing, there’s nothing stopping me from coming tonight. Your life will end in the middle of a sentence; mid argument, mid-plan, mid-journey. I just hope you’re ready to board the plane.

This show's Content Warnings include:

Child Abuse (Mentioned), Death/Dying (Present), Mental Illness (Present), Sexism/Misogyny/Misandry (Mentioned)

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PlaywrightRomilly Swingler
CastThis show has no known cast
Production Team
Director: Romilly Swingler
Producer: Lucia Collado
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