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Jonny Boy, the Pipes are Calling

Chris, Beth, Claire and Noah have returned home from university for a few days after their close friend, Jonathan, tragically takes his own life. The tensions are high and personalities clash as underlying issues begin to bubble to the surface. Follow their paths through grief and guilt as they each try to come to terms with what has happened.

This show's Content Warnings include:

Adult Content (Mentioned), Death/Dying (Present), Grief (Present), Mental Illness (Present), Nudity (Present), Self-Harm (Mentioned), Suicide (Present)

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PlaywrightSkye Kaune
Lucy Eddington as Claire
Nathan Livingstone as Noah
Josh Liew as Jonathan
May Arline S as Chris
Caitlin Berry as Beth
Production Team
Director: Millie Patefield
Producer: Chloé George
Assistant Director / Writer: Skye Kaune