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In The Walls

Scritch scratch. Scritch scratch. The sound is driving Eleanor up the wall. The walls. It’s coming from the walls. When mice infest a home, they stick to the darkest corners, air ducts, crawl spaces. They make themselves invisible, unlike Eleanor’s new neighbour Chris who seems a little too interested in the issue. Why is her landlord Robert so against there being rodents? Is she going crazy? But most importantly, does Chris like her back?

This show's Content Warnings include:

Abuse (Present), Death/Dying (Present), Mental Illness (Mentioned), Violence (Present)

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PlaywrightCharlotte Powell
Elizabeth Winstanley as Eleanor
Chris Hudson as Chris
Chloe Baines as Han
Louis Ingle as Robert
Production Team
Director: Lily Ball
Producer: Charlotte Powell
Lighting Designer: Tommo McCarthy
Sound Designer: Nathan Butler
Set & Props Designer: Claire Cole
Costume Designer: Chloe Nightingale
Press & Publicity: Gill Yue