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Art Heist

Three Thieves break into the same gallery on the same night. They’re all intent on stealing the same Extremely Valuable Painting. They’re bound to meet and it’s bound to get messy.

This show's Content Warnings include:

Violence (Present)

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PlaywrightJack Bradfield
Date13/05/2022 - 15/05/2022
Skye Kaune as The Guard
Jamie Stapleton as The Knowledge
William Osbon as The Master of Disguise
Amber Moore as The Professional
Production Team
Directors: Kit Clark & Abel Kent
Producer: Stevie
Stage Manager: Abbie Evans
Assistant Stage Manager: Ella Perriss
Lighting Designer: Yogi Sylvain
Assistant Lighting Designer: Becky O\\\\\\\'Donnell
Sound Designer: John Cherry
Set Designer: Chesca Downes
Assistant Set Designer: Millie Patefield
Costume Designer: Nimi Spiff
Press & Publicity: Sophie Pounder
Choreographer: Kat Lazarus
Stage Hands: May Arline S and Indy Percival